Christinehof Castle

Christinehof Castle

Castles usually have a lord of the manor. But not so Christinehof Castle, which had an influential lady of the manor! The Golden Baroque Castle was erected in 1741 by Countess Christina Piper, one of the most successful entrepreneurs of her time. In the vicinity of the castle is the Alum Works, which made Christina Piper one of Sweden’s richest women.

Christinehof is today a cultural palace run by the cultural association Christina’s Wänner. Featuring a rich selection of storytelling guided tours, exhibitions and lectures highlighting the creator of the castle and her exciting times, the ever-present 18th century. In the entrance to the castle is the charming café, decorated in the Neo-Gustavian style. Christinehof Castle is located in an Eco-park with both short and long hiking trails.

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Opens in May 2020.
May 11 – June 23: Saturday-Sunday 11-16
June 25 – Aug 11: Tuesday-Sunday 11-16
Aug 13 – Sep 30: Saturday-Sunday 11-16

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