Glimmingehus fort


Glimmingehus is the best preserved medieval castle in the Nordic region. Construction of the castle was begun in 1499, while Skåne was still part of Denmark. At Glimmingehus medieval times come alive! Here you can meet guides in period clothing and participate in tours of the castle. The exciting exhibition “Borgfolk” tells you about the people who once lived at Glimmingehus.

The program activities include medieval days and tournaments as well as ghost walks. Glimmingehus has daily guided tours in English during the summer and in German during weekends in August. Glimmingehus offers a well-assorted museum shop and a coffee shop, Café Borggården. It’s open from April to October.

Visit the Glimmingehus website for more information

Borgvägen 6
276 56 Hammenhög

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