Övedskloster is beautifully located in the flowing countryside of Lake Vombsjön. Colonel Hans Ramel, called “Bygge-Hans”, had the castle built in 1776. Together with courtyards, wings, avenues and park, the castle is today considered one of the most prominent rococo buildings in Sweden. Most things look the same today as they did at the time of Bygge-Hans!

The castle park is open daily to visitors. Here you will find beautiful old trees, of which several are unusual, an orangery from the 18th century and a number of fountains. The castle and courtyard are shown on request. In the summer, the castle café and shop are open. Don’t miss the unique nature around Övedskloster, which can be experienced from a network of hiking trails.

Visit the website of Övedskloster for more information

The Park and Courtyard
All days 9 am to 4 pm
The café is open in summer

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